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Hadida Email

City Paris

State France

Country France

My father, Victor Hadida, was born in Cairo in 1951. Hé left Cairo in 1967. Hé is the son of Mayer Hadida and Ondine Harari and attended bab el louk in the 50's.

Solly Dwek Email

City Geneva

State Geneva

Country Switzerland

I was born in Alexandria and attended the British Boys School,

Gaby Amiel Email

City Sutton Coldfield

State West midlands

Country UK

Attended Lycee de l'union Juive and then Lycee Francais both in Alexandria - Left Alex 1961 - still miss our Sunday's in Dan Stefano !

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Amy Dorra Email

City Carpinteria

State CA

Country USA

I'm a descendant of the Castros, Green, and Dorras of Alexandria Egypt. My father was born there in 1924. My grandmother was Aimee Castro Dorra. Her mother was a Green.
There is a post on here from 2013 from a Solomon Green living in London. There doesn't seem to be a way to contact him. Do you have any way to put me in touch with him? I'm trying to research the Castros, Greens, Dorras and Mastalons (all of my family branches)
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Seif Yousri 

City Town of Brome Lake

State Quebec

Country Canada

I was born in Alexandria in 1944,proud son of Fortunee(Touna) Baranes and Sami Yousri.
Graduated from the Lycee Francais in 1961,and left Egypt for Canada in 1968.
Found out about HSJE fom Lucette Laganado's book the Man in the white sharkskin suit.

Amr Shebl 

City Agoza

State Giza

Country Egypt

for all those who were forced to leave their homes ,,, i wish i could go back and stop it , but i cant , its impossible ..... so only 1 word may help now .... Sorry .

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Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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Moro Baruk Email

City Jacmel

State Fl

Country Haiti

My parents, Nelly and Lieto Baroukh Massouda, and I left Egypt for Milan in 1963, then to the USA in 1968.
I joined the Bahá'í Faith and got married in 1979 and we moved to Haiti in 1979.
Anyone remembers me from Heliopolis, Mourad Massouda (Moro)?

Fanny Frederick Email

City Houston

State Texas

Country USA

My father Ephraim Weinstein was born in Cairo in 1922. He had 2 sisters (Berte and Elene). He imigrated to Brazil in 1956. I am looking for his relatives that went to UK.

rsz Email

City holon

State israel

Country israel

I'm looking for my relatives named Abrmino Choueka and Moise Choueka.
אברמינו שוויקה ומואיז שוויקה
Is left Egypt to Milan in Italy, and then I do not know where they passed.
I'd love to know where they are today
It possible to send me an email to yevooley@gmail.com

Katharine Halls Email

City Cairo

State Cairo

Country Egypt

Dear all,

I am a student at the American University in Cairo and I am writing my thesis about the events of 1967 in Egypt. I understand that on the first day of the war, Jewish men were arrested and taken to prison, and only released when they agreed to give up their Egyptian citizenship.

I am interested in speaking to anyone who has any memories of this event, which deserves to be documented and remembered. Please contact me by email at katie_halls@hotmail.com if you would be willing to speak to me.

Best wishes to all,

Michel G. Rabbat 

City Holiday

State Florida

Country USA

I am looking for friends from school: St George's College , Heliopolis , Cairo, Egypt : Joseph and Albert Setton...Elie Cohen Mizrahi...Joseph Bianco

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joseph sabet Email

City montville

State NJ

Country USA


Danielle Souery Email

City Melbourne

State Victoria

Country Melbourne

My name is Danielle Souery.
I have numerous recollections,( like a ghost )of the many times my father Maurice Souery, spoke of how he fled Cairo Egypt as a young boy, his head covered, he was a red head, jewish, with his mother, Sarah Shalem Souery.
My paternal Grandmother Sarah was a seamstress of Haute Couture, in Egypt and in Australia.
My father has very bad memories of the event. When I was my sons age, approx 7 years, he would speak of seeing people thrown out of windows being stabbed and murdered.His father Clement, was waiting for them at the boat out of Egypt. For years I had wanted to know more of my Middle Eastern Heritage, which my father did not embrace.
Maurice, my father said he did not speak arabic, however my mother an Ashkenazi Jewess said she did not believe it.The denial was because he didnt want to identify with Egypt, due to his circumstance.
His father Clement Souery, brother Edward Souery and Nick Souery, opened the first Sepharadi Synagogue in Melbourne Victoria Australia. I feel extremely sad for my father, his father who had his 1st heart attack before leaving Egypt, a bank manager who was offered a new and better position than his previous one and took it, before the revolution and having to flee with his family and told all  his assets were frozen, they could take nothing out of the country.
My father was educated in France, and as most Europeans in Egypt, and other colonies, spoke numerous languages including French, which they- all his family and still speaks
My father Maurice Souery is now approx mid to late 70's and not in perfect health
I had not met his father, my Grandfather Clement Souery, who rowed daily along The Nile, before he went to work, in Egypt. Clement died in Caulfield Hospital  of a 2nd, heart attack in my fathers arms after fleeing Egypt in Melbourne Australia. If anyone has information please let me know of history. Many Thanks for Website. Danielle Souery

Elizabeth Cohen Email

City South Jordan

State UT

Country USA

Hi! I'm Ellie, I came across this website while researching my family history.  My great-great grandparents and their children were born in Alexandria and I have been having the hardest time finding more information about their family tree, especially with my great great grandmother's last name, Banoun, which seems to be really uncommon.  If anyone has any information please email me!

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Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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Isaac Mosseri Email

City Ein Hahoresh

State Israel

Country Israel

I was born in 1939 at Alexandria and make Aliah to Israel via Italy at 1949. From that time i am living in Israel in a Kibutz.
I make a family tree but it missed my father ancestors.
I look for a relatives of my father Marco or Marc Mosseri that lived in Alexandria until our Aliah at 1949. ilook for my grandfather and grandmother of my father side, don't know their names, born date and other informations. may be we have relatives in the Mosseri Cairo branch.
please i would apreciate any help or informations.

Susannah Lewis 

City Cercedilla

State Madrid

Country Spain

I am currently trying to research my great-grandmother ESTHER MENASCE in order to find out if there is any way I can authenticate her sephardic background. Her daughter, my grandmother, Renée Chamay was born in Alexandria in 1907 and I have a document signed by Prof. Raphael della Pergola in 1912, who was the GRAND RABBIN at the time, to certify the register of her birth (and naming her mother, my great-grandmother) within the Communauté Israelite á Alexandrie. I would be very grateful indeed for any advice and would happily make a donation to the historical society that can help me authenticate Esther's membership of the Sephardic Community and also Rabbi della Pergola's status.

Robert Khalifa Email

City Montreal

State Quebec

Country Canada

I accidentally came across some pictures of the Vitali Madjar synagogue in Heliopolis. I felt like someone gave me an electric shock when I saw those pictures. I felt both happy and sad at the same time. We were living in the house located at the back of the court yard between the synagogue and the school [Abraham Btesh or Abram Btesh]. I went to that school for my elementary schooling until October 1956 and in March 1959, I had my Bar Mitzvah at that synagogue. We left Egypt in August 1963 and I always dream of our time there. I make it a point to describe life there and talk about these days to my daughter and grand children.

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victor moustaki Email

City fort lauderdale

State fl

Country usa

Expelled from Egypt with my family in 1956.  On the first ship of refugees out of Alexandria.  Arrived in Venice and then to Paris, all without a home or work permit.  Finally to the US in 1960 - home.
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