This organization shall be known as HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF JEWS FROM EGYPT, and not of Egypt or of Egyptian Jews, but FROM EGYPT

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This organization shall be known as HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF JEWS FROM EGYPT, and not of Egypt or of Egyptian Jews, but FROM EGYPT

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Luna levy Email

City San diego

State Ca

Country USA

My father name was Mateo Levy my mother Fortunee Levy.
We left Cairo Egypt during the 6 day in 1967 i was 7 years old.
So glad to have found this site.

Maurice Maley nee Maleh Email

City Cheam

State Surrey

Country England

Born in Cairo on the 4th November 1943 and came to England in May 1956

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Stefano Fuschetto Email

City Gallarate

State Lombardy

Country Italy

Stefano Fuschetto

Allison Boroda Email

Home Page http://www.sandbagheart.wordpress.com

City Lubbock

State TX

Country USA

My dad was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1944.  He attended Collège Saint-Marc as a child.  My grandfather owned an import/export company when they were kicked out of Egypt in the 50's.  I would like to learn more about my family's history before they were forced to leave the country.  I believe it is an important part of my heritage as a Sephardic Jew.

Jim Trotter Email

City WC

State CA

Country USA

I left Egypt in 1918. I've been here since

Abdallah Simaika Email

City Applegate

State Michigan

Country USA

I was born and raised in Egypt . I am an outcast too, I have been living in Michigan for the past 40years. I am a retired orthopedic surgeon. I totally support the action taken by the IDF against Hamas, they are like cancer and they will never change. My heart goes out to all the families of the soldiers who were lost in action defending the state of Israel. I also miss a lot of my Jewish friends I grew up with and dispersed all over the world and dreaming of the day that I would reunite with them again.

Hossam Amr (youssef) Email

City cairo

State cairo

Country egypt

I am from Egypt ,I am 19 years ....I love all Jews in the world Specially the Jews of Egypt they have great Holy History I wish to meet a Jew in my life to talk about the historical memories ,moments and events so I need your help .....finally I love All Jews ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Sandra Leibowitz Email

City Richmond

State Virginia

Country USA

I am the daughter of Simone Leibowitz née Nahman, daughter of Raphael and Eliane Nahman. Simone was born in 1923 in Alexandria, where she lived till age 20, at which point she moved to Switzerland to attend medical school. Her parents followed her there in the 1950's. She never went back, though she had scheduled a bus tour of Egypt with my father in the 1990's, they cancelled it due to recent attacks on American tourists. I am fascinated to learn more about this time of my family's history.

Dr Eliezer Aviel(Belleli Roger Email

City Ashkelon

State South

Country Israel

I graduated from Kasr-el-Eini Medical Faculty in Cairo in 1953 and specialized in Ophthalmology in Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem.
From 1972 to 1995 I have been chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon

Eileen Smouha Email

City Memphis

State TN

Country USA

My family emigrated to NYC from Alexandria via Paris in 1958

Michael Hortens Email

City Nyack

State New York

Country USA

My grandmother's family lived in Egypt, both in Cairo and Alexandria in the last century or more. Her name was Rachel Afif. Her father was Shebbeti Afif, a merchant, banker, and farmer. Her uncle was Eduard Pichoto. I believe he was a senator in the Eqyptian Senate at the start of the last century. Her brother Daniel was one of the secretaries to then King Fouad of Egypt. I guess that would have been in the early part of the 20th century. I am just curious about my family's history. Yours truly, Mike Hortens

Thomas Curran Email

City Brighton

State East Sussex

Country UK

I teach Arabic to Coptic students who used to live in Egypt or Sudan but now live in Brighton, in the UK. Their studies require them to know about the culture of Egypt and its history.

Lilian Gafni (Palombo) Email

Home Page www.LilianGafni.com

City La Quinta

State CA

Country USA

I found your website extremely interesting. I was born in Cairo, Egypt, and my family emigrated to Israel in 1951. The videos, sounds and music brought tears to my eyes. Even though I was a young child, I still remember those old days in Cairo.

Thank you for those memories.

Lilian Gafni (Palombo)

Mayer Alvo 

City Ottawa

State Ontario

Country Canada

My family left Egypt in 1956. Our journey was long and painful. We ultimately settled in Canada in 1957.

Roger Abadi Email

City Vancouver

State British Columbia

Country Canada

Great website ,very informative .Please send updates.I was born in Egypt ,left after being interned in Abou Zaabal .

Simon Hassine Email

City Miami, Fl

State Florida

Country USA

My name is Simon Hassine I was first President of AZA Cairo. You were good enough to publish our first and second bulletin for many years. I came to visit your web now and then and remember the good old days. Sadly, you seem to have erased our story altogether. Any special reason?

I would appreciate it if you would re-publish our story and I thank you in advance.

Simon Hassine


Sue Email

City Buckingham

State Buckinghamshire

Country United Kingdom


Can anyone offer any information about a marriage and/or the persons who married.

Ezra Isaac Sciama (son of Isaac Ezra Sciama, a stockbroker) married Ida Mizrahi (daughter of Yahouda Yehia Mizrahi, a merchant) on 14.March.1907 - the marriage was registered with British Consul General at Alexandria, Egypt.

A daughter, Jeanne Sciama, was born on 22.October.1910 to Ezra and Ida.

Kind regards

I would love to hear any details, from anyone, who may recognise these names.

omer Email

City new haven

State CT

Country USA


As a Muslim-Jewish-history scholar, i am on a mission to seek an apology from the Egyptian government for the plight of the Egyptian Jews. then seek the restoration of Jewish asserts in Egypt to their rightful owners. your prayers are appreciated.

Ali Fadl 

City Baltimore

State MD

Country United States

Interested in website to learn more about this part of egyptian history,

Elie Coussa Email

City Greenfield Park

State Quebec

Country Canada

I'm born in Alexandria Egypt, I went to College St-Marc. I graduated in 1967.
I'm looking for a friend " Henri Forte" who used to live in Sidi-Bishr.tg


Home Page http://www.Lux4home.com

City Tokio

State Tokio

Country Japan

do somebody know something about my grandfather, uncle und father Nessim, Elia, Victor Behar. They lived in cairo till 1950/1956 (all them spoke ladino and had also family in  Port Said)
do somebody know something about jewish refugees coming from Odessa in final years of the 19. century like my grandfather ? Kremer or my grandmother ? Abulafia?

Charles Hamwee Email

City chatham

State new jersey

Country usa

I am lookng for cemetery records for Jewish Egyptian families named Bassini and Hamawy in any cemetery in Egypt. Please e-mail if found.

Charles Hamwee

viviane Levy Email

City Westfield

State NJ

Country USA

I wish to announce to you that Levana Zamir, President of the Association for Jews from Egypt, in Israel, will be coming to the New York area.  She will be at your synagogue in Brooklyn on Saturday the 23rd of November, 2013.  I hope that you will look for her, and maybe you might have a smal Kiddush in her honor.  She is coming to New York because she will be one of the guests at the U.N., at a special session entitled "The Forgotten Refugees", on Thursday the 21st of November, 2013.

Shabbat Shalom,
viviane Levy

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